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The small Version: Jennifer Dombrowski and Tim Davis have experienced the north lighting, used an African Safari, been diving with untamed pigs for the Bahamas, and liked dark wine in Bordeaux, France. In addition they’ve done almost everything a la mode. The couple just report their unique getaways to bucket-list places and give a good amount of guidance to other tourists on the blog, Luxe Adventure Traveler. Jennifer and Tim supply ideas on traveling with an intelligent mix of adventure and deluxe. That message resonates with couples exactly who want to break free together while also having encounters off of the beaten road.


I’ve been a regular traveler going back four decades, and so I know the difference in deluxe travel and adventure travel. I have hiked past volcanoes observe emerald-green thermal ponds in unique Zealand while remaining in inexpensive hostels and ingesting takeaway vegetable pies. I have additionally visited Mayan wrecks about Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico while ending my personal trip to an all-inclusive hotel with decadent as well as spa remedies.

Both were fantastic experiences, but I find the mixture of adventure and deluxe visit end up being superior.

Why i discovered myself booking hostel bedrooms at age 40 — certainly, I was usually one of several oldest inside dormitory — had been because i did not can reserve travel choices created for my needs. Jennifer Dombrowski and Tim Davis have already been specializing in that hybrid sort of travel for pretty much a decade on the weblog, Luxe Adventure Traveler.

Exactly what started as an individual vacation log has actually evolved into probably one of the most well-known vacation blog sites on the web. It’s designed for people that love to explore like kids but stay like grownups.

“Tim is actually a daring, tough, backyard person, while i love some luxury,” Jennifer stated. “i enjoy go hiking and kayaking with him, but In addition fancy a hot shower and a comfy bed at the conclusion of it. The web log arrived collectively as a compromise between those two different styles and passions, so we created Luxe Adventure Traveler to combine them.”

A Go-To Vacation thinking origin for Millions

The blog started whenever Tim’s military service took him to Italy, and Jennifer made a decision to write a web log simply for people they know and household.

“They failed to see clearly, but other folks performed,” she stated. “We got it after that.”

With a friend who was simply associated with electronic advertising, they shifted the path in the writing and began to make informative pieces that supported as books, discussing itineraries and getaway tactics that individuals could follow when they in the offing an equivalent travel.

Audience relate with the happy couple since they are not electronic nomads that simply don’t have property base. Jennifer and Tim have actually a house they enjoy time for, like most people with standard jobs. That differentiates your blog from other websites designed for people who sell their particular things to search worldwide.

“three years back, we focused on the blog, and it also turned into a full-time work for me personally. Next year, when Tim retires from military, he will pay attention to it fulltime too,” Jennifer mentioned. “we 2 million readers annually, and about 50percent come from the United States and 20per cent through the UK. The audience are mostly between 30 and half a century old. Since we are in our late 30s our selves, it makes sense that people exactly who identify with our team and our very own phase of life are the primary readers.”

Audience Love the personal Feeling that produces Them believe Luxe Adventure Traveler’s Advice

One explanation the website is now so popular is Jennifer and Tim offer individualized tips and program they worry about their audience. Jennifer said they respond to every email and comment on social media since they love engaging with the supporters.

“easily had a question, I’d never ever e-mail big travel publication. But, with the blog site, we’re related to all of our audience, so we grab pride during the simple fact that we are people, perhaps not brand names,” Jennifer said.

Typically, audience just want to confirm that they’ven’t left any nearby places from their posts since they are too-good together with few doesn’t want all of them inundated by tourists. That is particularly true for visits to Bordeaux, France, where in actuality the pair life.

“many people get in touch with united states about planning a trip to Bordeaux because it’s all of our house,” Jennifer mentioned. “we do not cover any details or otherwise not discuss well known things, but sometimes people would like to know even more. Once you email some one or have actually a discussion, it is possible to feel their love behind it.”

Partners Can Deepen Their contacts By Touring Together

Luxe Adventure Traveler provides all about various types of excursions. If you wish to prepare a three-day holiday, check all itineraries Jennifer and Tim have posted to help you prepare a lengthy weekend. Bucket number journeys may showcased regarding the blog.

“We carry on three-day town breaks loads or one- to two-week excursions, just like those who have standard careers,” Jennifer said. “We started those itineraries to match with how exactly we happened to be taking a trip, and anybody can see just what we watched, stay in which we remained, consume in which we consumed. They could get a hold of all of those things directly on all of our web site.”

Jennifer also advises that couples travel together prior to getting married. The tension, anxiety, and togetherness you experience along with your spouse during a trip can present you with a preview of how well you’ll receive along in daily life.

“It checks being compatible and how you problem-solve collectively. Handling various languages tends to be difficult and place pressure on the interactions,” she said. “That’s some thing everybody have to do before you plunge into relationship, just travel together and walk out of the comfort zone and regular at-home existence.”

After traveling collectively, lots of lovers are more effective prepared to attempt for years and years of adventure.

Create New Memories With Luxe Adventure Traveler

In inclusion to creating the blog, Jennifer and Tim are intending to expand their own focus to feature a particular concert tour in Bordeaux.

“Here in Bordeaux, tourism provides truly began to appear — and it’s really all drink tourism. For the southwest of France, they pride on their own on taking pleasure in great food, but no one is doing meals trips,” Jennifer said. “That’s our preferred strategies to appreciate a city, therefore we are planning a walking food trip in the town of Bordeaux.”

The couple can be anticipating adult meeting websites more of their unique visitors. One audience along with her household decided to go on a sail that she was in fact dreaming of and organized it with assistance from the website. She contacted Jennifer and welcomed the couple throughout the sail together with them.

“After the afternoon, vacation is a thing that is a luxury, whether you travel on a budget or otherwise not,” Jennifer mentioned. “We make an effort to help visitors to develop those thoughts and those once-in-a-lifetime encounters that they can share with each other and move it right down to their children. That is what it is all about for all of us.”

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